R+B star Brandy suffered in silence after her 2006 car crash, which left another motorist dead, because she didn't want to have to talk to her daughter about the tragedy.
The singer walked away from the California freeway collision, but 38-year-old Awatef Aboudihaj died from her injuries.
Brandy admits she spent months reliving the crash, crying herself to sleep - but she refused to let daughter Sy'rai see mummy upset.
She tells Us magazine, "It was a very tough time, and I still have never talked about it with Sy'rai.
"I had to be a mother and stay strong for her. I'd cry when she'd go to sleep so she wouldn't see me like that - I had a responsibility to her."
The star was never charged with any wrongdoing in the crash, but Aboudijah's family are pursuing a civil action against the star.