R+B star Brandy is a surprise devotee of British rockers COLDPLAY - and is such a big fan she's even recorded a song about them.

The THE BOY IS MINE singer plans to include the track - called COLDPLAY - on her next album, and has identified it as a possible single.

Brandy even quotes the lyrics from Coldplay's Sparks, which appeared on their debut album PARACHUTES.

She sings, "Sittin' home on a cold day/ Underneath the covers like a little baby/ Think I wanna hear some Coldplay, especially that song when the man sings, 'Did I drive you away?'"

Brady's new album is set for release next March (04) and it seems the Coldplay men are honoured by her compliment.

Bassist GUY BERRYMAN says, "We're very flattered that someone is so into our music that it's inspired them to write a song. It'll be interesting to hear how it sounds."

15/10/2003 13:41