Soul star Brandy is confident Mary-Kate Olsen will become a better person for her eating disorder nightmare.

The singer, who herself battled an eating problem in her youth, is among the stars offering support to Olsen, who recently spent time in rehab for a reported anorexia.

She says, "I think somewhere in her experience she's gonna find out a lot about who she is and I don't think people should judge her, or judge anybody's experience, because everything happens for a reason.

"I know when I was going through the process of not eating, that's when I found out about being very, very healthy and becoming a vegan and starting to experience different things with my diet.

"I had to have an eating problem in order to get to where I am right now, physically, with my own health.

"I think that Mary-Kate will come through whatever she needs to come through."

08/08/2004 10:30