R&B singer Brandy almost hung up her microphone a few years ago because she started to believe she was just a "washed-up" star who didn't have the talent to make a comeback.

The Boy Is Mine hitmaker released Two Eleven, her first album in four years, this week (begs15Oct12), and now she has spoken out to explain her long hiatus, revealing she almost called it quits after several failed attempts to climb back into the charts.

She tells CNN.com, "There were times when I tried to come back and it didn't work. Then I started to feel like, maybe this is not my purpose, maybe this is not what I'm supposed to do, because it's not happening to me."

And the 33 year old admits she began to question her own musical ability.

She adds, "People are calling me a has-been, people are calling me washed-up and all these things. That starts to effect you mentally a little bit because you're like, 'Am I? Do I still have it?'"

But Brandy is glad she persevered: "Clearly there was another plan in place, and I was able to connect with that destiny plan that is within us all and make a different choice - to believe in myself so I can do what I got to do to have a relationship with the people that love my music."