R+B star Brandy has followed in Jennifer Lopez's footsteps by parting ways with manager Benny Medina.

J.LO endured a much-publicised parting from Medina - the man credited with transforming her into an international superstar - last year (03), and months later Brandy and Mariah Carey were among those who signed up for his career guidance.

But FULL MOON singer Brandy has since decided to return to the management of her mother SONIA NORWOOD, who helmed her career from her 1990s debut until last year (03).

And mother-of-one Brandy admits her switch to Medina made her appreciate what she had with her mother.

She says, "It was such a drastic change that it didn't work for me. Nobody out there can match her passion for me.

"When I was growing up, she wanted to protect me and make sure I made the right decisions, not only about my career, but also in my personal life. She's not as concerned with that anymore because she knows I have it under control."

18/07/2004 14:25