The single mum has not dated since ending her engagement to music executive Ryan Press last year (14), and she has no plans to strike up a new relationship anytime soon.

"I love it (single life) because I get a chance to spend quality time with myself and I can just do what I wanna do," The Boy is Mine singer tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live. "I hang out with myself all the time. I play tennis... I like to journal."

And Brandy, who has a teenage daughter from her romance with producer Robert Smith, admits she has been single so long, she probably wouldn't recognise a chat-up line if she heard one.

"I probably wouldn't even realise it," she chuckles, "because I love where I am right now. I'm a little bit nervous to go back into the love department."

The singer doesn't plan on using a dating app to help her find love, either, adding, "I'm good."

But she's not completely closed off to dating altogether, confessing she'd find space for a new romance if the right guy came along.

"If someone comes along and I just feel that instant connection you can't deny, then of course...," she smiles. "There's not a type. I just pay more attention to how I feel, so let's see what happens with that. You've gotta be easy on the eye; I wanna look at you. Funny's big for me too."

However, there is one date with a married man she's hoping to snag - Kobe Bryant's final game on the basketball court. The sportsman was Brandy's prom date in 1996 and she has kept up with his career over the years.

"Kobe is my favourite basketball player," she coos. "I think he's done an excellent job... If it wasn't for Kobe I never would've gotten a chance to have the prom experience, so I'm so grateful that he took me."

Los Angeles Lakers star Bryant recently announced his retirement, telling fans this season would be his last.