Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend made the big reveal on a teaser for his reality TV show Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood in October (15) - just eight months after his now-fiancee was arrested for allegedly assaulting him.

Princess Love was reportedly charged with domestic abuse and battery after she allegedly beat Ray J up in February (15) and left him with cracked ribs, a split lip, and a torn ligament in his knee. All was quickly forgiven and the singer reportedly bailed his lover out of jail and covered her legal fees.

And it seems his sister was just as shocked as everyone else when she learned he had proposed to Love.

"I think they've been engaged for a while and they saved it for the reveal of the show that they're on together... but I was really irritated with him," Brandy tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live. "I went, 'Dude, I'm your sister, why didn't you tell me you were engaged? I'm talking about it everywhere, people are asking me and I don't know anything about it.'

"I called him and said, 'Ray, I'm going on a talk show tomorrow, I need to know what's up. Are you really engaged, because I don't wanna look stupid'. So he told me."

Brandy admits she's still very much in the dark about her brother's wife-to-be, adding, "I don't really know the back story."

"Ray's a very private guy," she adds. "He doesn't tell me everything. All I know is they're in love and they're going strong."