R+B star-turned-TV host Brandy Norwood insists her first marriage to producer Robert Smith didn't really exist - because she wasn't truly in love. The singer was wed to Smith, the father of her daughter SY'RAI, for almost two years before they divorced in 2003, but, in her mind, it wasn't a proper marriage. Brandy tells OK! Weekly magazine that if she weds again she feels like it would be "for the first time". She explains, "I say the first time because I think when I really fall in love, it'll be a different experience... I think true marriage is the bond between two people." And the soul star insists her next wedding ceremony won't be shrouded in secrecy like the first time she exchanged vows. She adds, "I'd announce it and do the whole wedding thing." Brandy also dismisses rumours she's dating her dumped fiance, basketball player QUENTIN RICHARDSON, after helping him cope with the shooting death of this brother last Christmas (05). She insists she isn't currently in a relationship and has no plans to fall in love soon: "I'm not really looking."