Rockers THE KILLERS steer clear of the excesses associated with the stereotypical rock 'n' roll lifestyle because of their strong religious beliefs.

Singer Brandon Flowers is a staunch Mormon - a denomination of Christianity - so he has to resist the temptations of sex and drugs when he tours with the HOT FUSS chart-toppers.

Flowers says, "Being a Mormon is just like following any religion. It's not much different than a lot of them. But it's difficult sometimes when you are on the road.

"We are faced with a lot of things on a daily basis that most people don't face, like sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. How you handle that depends on what type of person you are.

"I guess we're pretty boring, but there is occasional drinking and smoking. I think compared to most bands we're well behaved. It's fine for some and you get away with these things in moderation.

"But most of us have had girlfriends the whole time we've been in the group so groupies have always been kept at bay."

21/01/2005 13:46