LATEST: THE KILLERS singer Brandon Flowers has so far failed to accept a dinner invitation from FALL OUT BOY star Pete Wentz, made as a peace offering to end their highly-publicised feud. Wentz attempted to end the rift which began when The Killers slammed his group during an interview with British music magazine NME. However, Brandon and the band failed to show up at a Fall Out Boy after-show party and are yet to accept Wentz's offer of dinner at fashionable restaurant Nobu. Flowers tells MTV, "Yeah, I heard about that. Our lawyer sent us something about it. "I never said anything bad about him, I just said I didn't want to share our A+R guy (Island Records' ROB STEVENSON), and I still don't. He's a busy guy, but he should just be busy with us. "I don't know if I'd go to dinner with (Wentz). I mean, I go to Nobu all the time."