LATEST: THE KILLERS star Brandon Flowers has assured the mother of a Scottish teenage murder victim he's not pretending to understand her pain, after writing a song about the tragedy.

Last week (ends06MAY05), frontman Flowers revealed the lyrics to new tune WHERE IS SHE? were inspired by the death of JODI JONES, who was fatally stabbed by her boyfriend Luke Mitchell in June 2003.

The American singer claimed he wrote the song "from the mother's perspective" - a remark that has filled him with guilt and compelled him to clarify that he has no idea what it feels like to lose a loved-one in such a violent manner.

Flowers insists he merely wanted to highlight the powerlessness parents must feel when their children go missing.

He says, "A quote I gave in (British music weekly) NME last week about the inspiration behind one of our new songs Where Is She? came across kind of badly and I'd like to clarify this as I'd hate to cause offence or further hurt because of it.

"I was indeed inspired to write Where Is She? after I saw coverage of the Jodi Jones murder case while we were on tour in Scotland last year (04). It affected me deeply and got me to thinking about how awful it must feel to be the parent of a missing child, how powerless a person must feel in such a dreadful situation.

"The song is not a direct portrayal of that one story, though - there's no way on earth I could ever possibly pretend to know what it must actually feel like to suffer such a thing, and I wouldn't presume to appropriate any other individual's feelings for a song."

13/05/2005 09:12