Brandon Flowers shaves because facial hair doesn't match his music.

The Killers singer, who sported a moustache while promoting the band's second album 'Sam's Town', realised he needed to change his image for current LP 'Day and Age'.

He explained: "Our style goes with the music. Those songs fit the clothes. I loved my beard and my facial hair but I remember realising one day when we were making this record that the person who sings it doesn't have a moustache."

Despite paying careful attention to his wardrobe, the 'Mr. Brightside' star admits he is still surprised at the scrutiny his clothes attract.

He added to Britain's Elle magazine: "We don't realise the commotion what we wear is going to cause. It's a ritual to get ready for a show and I look forward to it. Dressing to go on stage is like putting on a mask. It doesn't even cross my mind that it would be such a big deal that there are feathers on my shoulders.

"We are still getting used to the fact people are going to pay attention to our look."