Brandon Flowers never thought he'd be as good a frontman as Morrissey.

The Killers singer was always reluctant to take the mic when the band formed because he idolised The Smiths legend so much and it took ''a long time'' before he felt comfortable being the focus of people's attention.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. said: ''Brandon was a reluctant frontman. He was very uneasy about the whole thing. He used to just scream into the mic, out of nerves. He always had something but he couldn't quite spell it out. It was definitely cultivated and fostered.''

Brandon admitted: ''It took a long time because I had such reverence for singers. I idolised Morrissey. I know everybody says that but I really, really did.

''So I felt what right do I have to grab a microphone? If you've seen 'Morrissey Live in Dallas', why would you even attempt to be on a stage? You're not gonna look that good, you're not gonna have that admiration from a bunch of people.

''So it took me a long time to get over things like that. Every today, we just saw Depeche Mode in Bilbao, Spain, and I saw things they did and walked out of the gig with my tail between my legs.''

The band formed in 2001 via a newspaper advert and think it's ''f***ed up'' that they still didn't know one another very well when they achieved huge success with their debut album 'Hot Fuss' in 2004.

Ronnie told Q magazine: ''It was so fast. I love that it happened but we weren't prepared for it and, as a band, we didn't really know each other.

''We met, we spent a year making songs and then you're suddenly tied to this rocket with three other guys and you learn about each other real quick.

''It's dreadful. It's f***ed up. I still think we're normalising a little bit from that.''