The Killers' Brandon Flowers ''idolises'' Morrissey.

The 36-year-old rocker has admitted he has previously embarrassed himself in front of the former Smiths frontman when he was working as a waiter in a Las Vegas restaurant aged 18, and the memory has haunted him ever since as he's grown up holding the 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' hitmaker in such high regard.

He said: ''[I] served him a mushroom pizza and Earl Grey tea, and I totally made an a** of myself [when I told him] 'Mushrooms are really cool.'''

But the 'Run For Cover' singer got the chance to redeem himself years later when the pair met again at the Sunset Marquis hotel in Los Angeles.

He added to Yahoo Music: ''I hung out with Morrissey at this hotel. I came in one night at around 11 and everything was kind of shut down, but there was this one little light in the restaurant.

''I grew up just idolising him. I instantly got excited, obviously, and I ended up getting the courage to introduce myself and stay for a few hours out there with the Moz. It was an incredible experience.

''So I don't know that I redeemed myself completely with this experience with him, but I tried.''

It isn't the first time Brandon has spoken about his love for the 58-year-old musician either, as he previously admitted he didn't think he'd be a good frontman as he wasn't as good as Morrissey.

He said: ''It took a long time because I had such reverence for singers. I idolised Morrissey. I know everybody says that but I really, really did.

''So I felt what right do I have to grab a microphone? If you've seen 'Morrissey Live in Dallas', why would you even attempt to be on a stage? You're not gonna look that good, you're not gonna have that admiration from a bunch of people.''