Brandon Flowers insists there is ''a lot of false music'' around nowadays.

The Killers frontman has hit out at the state of popular music and believes there are too many tunes being released which don't have a lot of substance to them.

He said: ''We've been hearing a lot of false music out there - music designed for the non-discerning listener.

''I wouldn't feel this excited [about 'Wonderful Wonderful'] if the songs weren't true.''

The Killers are due to drop 'Wonderful Wonderful, their fifth studio album, later this year, and the 36-year-old singer is confident the record will be a hit.

He added to Billboard: ''It's always good when you have that satiated feeling, the desire that's quenched, when you have substance behind it. That's when you know you have something.''

Brandon recently revealed the group's new single 'The Man' is about the days when the Las Vegas rockers first started out in 2001, and said he's been working on ''cleaning up'' his image since the early years.

The frontman - who has previously admitted he was ''arrogant'' in the early days of success - said: ''Around about the time that The Killers started I guess, - that's where 'The Man' harkens back to, and years after as well.

''It was nice to sort of go in and inhabit that character, and that figure, and that version of myself for much longer.

''I think a good chunk of [the new] album is making peace with that. I've been cleaning it up for a long time. I don't think that was really a great representation, an honest representation of who I am. It came from a place of insecurity and I would just puff my chest out and say things and put a lot of negativity out there. I basically came to regret that and I'm sure a lot of people can identify with that.''