Brandon Flowers has hinted at another hiatus for The Killers after insisting he is desperate to record another solo album.

The singer branched away from his bandmates to release Flamingo in September 2010 as The Killers took a break between albums, but his solo work was put on the backburner when the rockers reunited for last year's (12) Battle Born record.

He originally insisted working on his own material was practise for when he returned as The Killers' frontman, but Flowers now admits he'd love to get into the studio by himself once again.

He tells, "I'm definitely gonna do another solo record at some point. Flamingo wasn't just me dipping my toes in the water. I really loved it. It was successful, and that helps, but I love those songs and I miss singing them. It wasn't something I had totally planned on, but I'm always writing songs, and I think - or I hope - that I'm always gonna have that. So what else am I supposed to do with myself?"