INCUBUS singer Brandon Boyd has been hobbling around on crutches after severing his Achilles tendon in a bizarre gardening accident.

The rocker was repotting a tree last autumn (03) when he stepped onto a large shard of the broken pottery, which severed 90 per cent of his Achilles tendon.

He says, "It not only cut the tendon, it lifted all of the flesh off the back of my leg. A hand-sized piece was shredded.

"It was almost comical because I was grabbing my calf trying to make a tourniquet. Maybe I was in a little bit of shock because I couldn't make a lot of noise at first. Finally I got enough of a voice to yell really loud.

"I heard my girlfriend say `What?' She was kind of annoyed, I think. I said, 'Please help me, call 911,' and she called the paramedics."

He was fitted with a cast, which was removed last week, and it will be up to a year before Boyd's tendon completely heals.

22/01/2004 09:40