Bradley Cooper has been offered a role in romantic comedy movie 'TMI'.

The 'A-Team' actor has been offered the lead role alongside Anna Faris in the movie, which tells the tale of two friends who drunkenly discuss their lives and discover they may be the perfect match for each other.

Ryan Reynolds was initially offered the role in 'TMI' - which stands for Too Much Information - but his work on 'Green Lantern' meant he could not undertake the film, Pajiba reports.

Marc Klein and Kristen Smith wrote The Script for the movie, which has yet to find a director.

Following the release of 'The A-Team' - which did not do as well as expected at the US box office - Bradley has a number of further projects lined up for release, including the much-anticipated sequel to 2009's 'The Hangover', due to hit cinemas in 2011.

He is also set to star in thriller 'The Dark Fields' alongside Robert De Niro and Brit star Anna Friel.