Bradley Cooper did all his own stunts in 'The A-Team'.

The 35-year-old actor - who plays Templeton 'Face' Peck in the 2010 reimagining of the classic 80s TV show - confesses even he was shocked when he looked back at the final product and realised how scary his stunts were.

He said: "There was one moment where I was holding onto the underside of a semi-articulated truck with a makeshift roller-skate the only thing keeping me mobile at 35mph. I actually did it: no stunt double, no green screen. When I watch it, it doesn't look real. It was f***ing scary!"

The US-born star also admits he did end up injured as a result of the constant action in the film, in which he stars alongside Liam Neeson and Jessica Biel.

He revealed to Men's Health magazine: "When I got back each night I'd find new gashes and bruises. I shot with this one gun so much that I had a chronic cut on my upper bicep from the kick-back of the stock."

'The A-Team' is currently on release in the US and is due to hit UK cinemas on July 30.