Bradley Cooper prefers cash tips to awards.

The 35-year-old actor worked part-time as a doorman at the Morgan Hotel in New York while he studied at New York University and admits receiving positive feedback from customers there meant more to him than good reviews of his movies does now.

He said: "I was a doorman for five months and the tips we got then were such a big deal. In a way they meant more than any award or review now. I think twice I got a $20 tip and that was like, 'Wow!'

"I have never forgotten it."

Despite recalling the generosity of hotel guests, Bradley admits he doesn't enjoy tipping.

He is quoted by gossip website Absolute Now as saying: "Now though I always carry my own bags because I don't want to tip!"

The 'Hangover' star - who is dating actress Renee Zellweger - has previously spoken about his duties at the hotel, admitting he spent a large part of his time lighting candles.

He said: "There were three candles in the lobby and they said, 'Always keep them lit.' The door would open and they would go out so I spent most of my time trying to relight those candles."