Bradley Cooper injured himself walking to his trailer on the set of 'The A-Team'.

The Hollywood hunk - who plays Templeton 'Face' Peck in the new movie - joked it wasn't the action stunts which left him in agony, but a mundane walk after lunch.

He laughed to BANG Showbiz: "I pulled my hamstring heading back to my trailer after lunch. My trailer was way, way back, I could barely see it."

The 35-year-old actor also revealed he would like to star in a new version of classic 80s TV show 'Murder She Wrote' - which featured Angela Lansbury as crime-solving mystery writer Jessica Fletcher - if it were to be made into a film.

Asked what movie he would like to make next, he said: "You can't really beat Angie's performance, but 'Murder She Wrote' was the best TV series of the 80s."

The big screen heartthrob also admits the brief scene he shot with Dirk Benedict - who played the original 'Face' in 'The A-Team' TV show - is something he will never forget.

He said: "Dirk Benedict was great. We did a scene where we were in a tanning booth in prison and we had a meeting in the make-up trailer - watching him in his black Speedos being sponged with brown tan as I was simultaneously. And I just thought, 'Here's something that doesn't happen every day.' "