Bradley Cooper would tell his younger self to stop worrying.

The 'Aloha' star, who is dating Russian model Irina Shayk, claims he has no regrets, but wishes he had been less anxious about being successful in the past.

The 40-year-old actor said ''I would probably tell myself not to worry so much. But I wouldn't change anything, gosh, no.''

The heartthrob's co-star Emma Stone, 26, also wishes she had been more relaxed.

She said: ''I'd tell myself to relax a bit around the edges when I took things very, very seriously.''

Bradley told PEOPLE: ''We're two people who have been so blessed, it's crazy. We get to do what we do and love, and work with the people that we get to work with. And I get to work with her.''

The 'American Sniper' star is close friends with Emma in real life and confessed she makes him laugh more than anyone else.

He said: ''We laughed so hard during the whole movie. We like to see comedy in everything, at the most dramatic possible moments. I laugh around her more than with anybody else.''