Bradley Cooper wants to do a ''live reading'' of 'A Star is Born' with Lady GaGa.

The 44-year-old actor insists he doesn't want to join his friend and co-star on a tour to promote the soundtrack to the movie musical but he has a ''cool'' idea for a special one-off show.

Asked about the idea of a tour on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show, he said: ''I mean, no. But what I thought would be a cool thing to do, maybe one night, would be like a live reading of the script and sing all the songs as we read the script, like at the Hollywood Bowl or something.''

Bradley and Gaga performed 'Shallow' at this year's Academy Awards and though the actor-turned-director admitted it was ''pretty terrifying'' to perform on stage in front of his peers, he didn't feel ''nervous'' because the 'Poker Face' hitmaker is so supportive.

He said: ''I actually wasn't nervous, because I worked so hard, and Lady Gaga is so supportive. But it was terrifying.

''Because I'm not a singer and I didn't sing before this movie, so it was really crazy.

''But it just shows you that if you work really hard, and you're with supportive people, you can do things that you never dreamed possible.''

Bradley shot some of his scenes as musician Jackson Maine at huge music festivals including Coachella, Stagecoach and Glastonbury - but none of the huge crowds could hear his performance.

Talking about standing in front of 80,000 people at Glastonbury, he said: ''We had four minutes. I sang 'Maybe It's Time' twice.

''They couldn't hear it because we never played anything through the PA system... because we couldn't release the music before the movie came out.''