The Hollywood actor lost his father to lung cancer in 2011, leading him to found the Charles J. Cooper Patient Support Fund. Now he's taking his support for the cause a step further, as he'll be working on 2016's televised fundraiser for Stand Up to Cancer, a programme presented by the Entertainment Industry Foundations.

“No one is ever fully prepared to deal with the overwhelming and complex journey that comes with a cancer diagnosis,” Bradley said in a statement. “Stand Up To Cancer works tirelessly to support those at the forefront of the fight against cancer. SU2C’s mission, to ensure that all cancer patients become cancer survivors, is one that is very close to my heart. I am proud to join forces to make this vision a reality and to be part of this movement that is dedicated to getting lifesaving treatments to cancer patients faster.”

The finished piece will air live on 9 September (16) from The Music Center's Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. ABC, FOX, NBC and FOX are just some of the companies dedicating an hour of simultaneous commercial-free primetime for the broadcast, as are Comedy Central, HBO and Bravo. People can also tune in online, with the live stream available on Yahoo, Hulu and

Earlier this year (16) Bradley opened up about the death of his dad during the launch of cancer research foundation, The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, founded by tech businessman Sean Parker.

"I just want to tell you about my father Charles J. Cooper, he passed away from lung cancer in 2011," he said during a talk. "I was in a very lucky position because I was able to put everything on hold in all aspects of my life and completely focus on taking care of him."

He also spoke about the stress he felt even with his good fortune making the treatment more accessible, and realises how difficult it must be for those who can't afford medication.