Former People's Sexiest Man Alive winner Bradley Cooper is almost unrecognisable in his latest role as The Elephant Man, his unflattering look is one that is some miles away from the Wolf Pack he usually familiarises with.

The Hangover star is currently on stage playing Joseph Merrick, better known as The Elephant Man, in a revised version of the original stage play that was made into a film staring John Hurt in 1980.

For the role, Brad has taken to wearing all but a small pair of shorts and, whilst he doesn't have any face make-up on, he has to significantly distort his facial features. The on stage performance is currently taking place at the Williamstown Theatre in Massachusetts alongside actress Patricia Clarkson and will run for the rest of the week - with the show ending its run on Sunday (August 5th).

The show is hardly amateur hour either, as it is not even Cooper's first time playing Merrick. When he was still in University in New York he starred in Bernard Pomerance's stage take on The Elephant Man, whilst completing his thesis performance.

For those unfamiliar with the story, set in Victorian era in London, it is one that follows a man suffering from extreme deformities, particularly around his face, who goes from being a circus attraction to something of a celebrity thanks to the hired help of Mrs. Kendall (Clarkson), an actress.