Actor Bradley Cooper struggled to focus while filming new action thriller Limitless on the streets of New York, because the constant paparazzi presence made the experience "chaotic".
The Hangover star shot the movie with Robert De Niro in the Big Apple last year (10), but their presence attracted a lot of attention from photographers and star-gazing tourists, who crowded the open set during scenes in Central Park and on Fifth Avenue.
Cooper, whose romance with Renee Zellweger has made him a tabloid target, tells the New York Daily News, "It was chaotic. You couldn't lock it down. It was definitely a new experience because it was not a huge budget and we weren't able to block off sections. There were paparazzi right (there)... when you're trying to talk to the director. It was kind of mayhem."
But the actor later discovered it wasn't all bad filming in the less touristy areas of New York.
He says, "All day long you're shooting out in the city, so that's the kind of beauty of it. Especially for me when I shot in Chinatown and no one gave a f**k who I was. Plus I had the wig on and everything, so it was amazing - we were walking into coffee shops for coffee (and nobody was bothering us)."