Bradley Cooper prepared for his role in upcoming movie, The Place Beyond The Pines by spending a month with police officers, attending to call-outs.
Cooper, who enjoyed a successful role in The Hangover franchise, plays an ex-cop who turns to politics in the new crime-drama. "(I was) going into these domestic disturbances, which are about 80 per cent of the calls. There was one house with a fish tank that a shoe had been thrown through. Dead fish were everywhere - and kittens were eating the dead fish as we walked by." The 37-year-old Philadelphia born Actor decided to garner the intricacies of police work by obtaining some real, first hand experience.
Cooper was always the favourite for this role, and after nearly missing out on the opportunity to play his part in the movie due to previously agreed commitments, the director made sure he got his man. Derek Cianfrance drove from New York to Montreal to personally convince the actor to take the job. The moviemaker recollects, "We had an epic four-hour dinner where we just talked about this guy and about working together, and he decided there and then to do it." Now that's commitment. The film, currently premiering at The Toronto International Film Festival, also stars Ryan Gosling, who has worked with Cianfrance before on Blue Valentine.