Bradley Cooper eats "more than anyone" he knows.

The 36-year-old actor hated preparing for his role in 'The A-Team' because he had to take more care of his appearance and so had to dramatically cut down on his food intake.

He said: "For 'The A-Tam' I had to get in crazy shape that I never thought I'd have the discipline to, nor would my body ever look like that, and I had the worst time doing it.

"I love food, I love cooking it, eating it, eating exorbitant amounts of it and that doesn't really mesh with having a 2,000 calorie intake a day.

"I can eat - I eat a tremendous amount of food. I eat more than anyone I've ever met except for one person. And a lot of people say they eat a lot. I eat so much food that if I didn't work out I'd be massive."

Despite his love of food, Bradley wouldn't want to date anyone who can eat as much as he does.

He joked: "They'd better not each that much. I mean, they'll have to sit and watch me eat a lot."