Brad Womack, the 38-year-old bar owner who famously refused to marry either of the finalists on season eleven of the bachelor, returned to the show last night (3rd January 2011) for the all new series, reports the UK's Daily Mail. Womack claimed to be a 'changed man' after the events of three years ago which saw him tagged as the most loathed 'Bachelor' in the history of the show.
In the first episode, Womack was introduced to 30 new contestants, all eager to steal his heart. Among them were Ashley, a dentist from Philadelphia, Emily, a Children's Hospital Event's Planner from North Carolina, Marissa, a Sports Publicist from Florida, and Lisa, a Marketing Coordinator from Kansas. However, ABC producers immediately threw Womack in at the deep end, forcing him to meet face-to-face with the two women that he turned down during his last appearance on the show. During the tense standoff, Womack apologised to both Deanna and Jenni for his actions. However, the 38-year-old didn't get off lightly and in a shocking start to the series he was slapped across the face by Executive Assistant 'Chantal', the first new contestant to arrive at the 'Bachelor house'. Looking slightly stunned, Brad told her, "I deserved that. But I like you even more now"
After meeting the rest of the new contestants, Womack said, "I feel pretty beat up right now. I expected it but I'm terrified that these women are not going to buy the fact that I've changed"