Hollywood star Brad Pitt may scrub up well on the big screen - but in real-life he has been voted as the least hygienic star in the world.

The Troy actor, 40, has been awarded the dubious title of the world's smelliest celebrity by Swedish showbiz expert MIKAEL JAGERBRAND - after years of comments made about Pitt's inability to wash either himself or his clothes.

On Pitt's debut film - several co-stars complained about him smelling - to which he retorted by purchasing a new $3,600 (GBP2,000) CALVIN KLEIN shirt instead of merely taking a shower.

Russell Crowe has taken second place in the poll - thanks in part to JOAN RIVERS' reference that she never sits next to him at award ceremonies for fear of inhaling his body odour.

The Top Ten Smelly Celebrities are:



3. Hayden Christensen

4. David Bowie

5. Courtney Cox

6. Robin Williams

7. Christina Aguilera

8. Cameron Diaz

9. Metallica

10. Bob Dylan.

18/05/2004 01:39