LATEST: Movie star Brad Pitt visited Angelina Jolie in Africa during a charity trip to the poverty-ravished continent.

The actor was photographed on the beach in Monbassa, Kenya with Jolie and her adopted son MADDOX - fuelling rumours the pair a romantically attached.

But it seems Pitt has a more legitimate reason for his trip. The OCEAN'S TWELVE star stopped off in Kenya ahead of a tour of Ethiopia, where he visited new projects that offer treatment and care for the victims of AIDS.

The actor has now moved on to South Africa.

JAMIE DRUMMOND, the executive director of Bono's advocacy group DATA (Debt, Aids, Trade, Africa), which funded Pitt's trip, says, "We must turn the trickle into a flood of effective aid to help Ethiopians and poor people across Africa help themselves."

28/04/2005 13:47