Movie superstar Brad Pitt experienced such severe cravings when he quit smoking recently he was "ready to kill".

The Fight Club actor, 40, was forced to ditch the unhealthy habit during training for upcoming Greek epic Troy, and says he struggled to cope without nicotine.

But Pitt - who is married to Friends beauty JENNIFER ANISTON - says the fitness regime he was forced to keep up during the gruelling shoot was a deeply miserable experience.

He explains, "I had to quit smoking. I'm now happy about it because these things were killing me. But at first I was really missing my cigarettes.

"The withdrawal was so hard that I was ready to kill - which was actually helpful for the role I was playing.

"Against my nature, I had to invest a lot of time and sweat on the physical aspect of my work. I didn't like that at all. The trainer warned me that every day would be unpleasant. He was right."

20/04/2004 17:20