Brad Pitt won't marry Angelina Jolie because he is still hurt by his divorce from Jennifer Aniston, his grandmother claims. BETTY RUSSELL, 82, claims Pitt opened his heart to her during a telephone conversation, following the birth of his first biological child with Jolie, SHILOH NOUVEL. She says, "Brad promised his last wife on their wedding day they'd be together forever, and they didn't make it. He is a sensitive soul who just wants to make sure he can keep his promise this time around." Pitt also gave an insight into how he has taken to fatherhood and his relationship with the actress and their two adopted children MADDOX, four, and 18-month-old ZAHARA. Russell adds, "Brad has always wanted to have children and he is playing the father role very well. The family loved Jennifer. But he has got Angelina now and seems really happy with life. "(Brad is) very close to (Maddox). He confides little secrets to him."