Brad Pitt became extremely uncomfortable performing action scenes with Angelina Jolie in their upcoming movie MR + MRS SMITH - because he didn't want to be seen hitting the actress.

The pair play married assassins in the Doug Liman movie and, while Jolie revelled in performing the stunts and violent scenes, Pitt wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about getting physical with his co-star.

Jolie says, "He was uncomfortable about it 'cause of the idea he's gonna hit a woman... How do you get past that? With domestic violence being what it is, how do you make that fine line and make it an action movie and entertainment when that is something that should never be entertainment or funny?"

Pitt finally started to enjoy the scenes, and even used it as an opportunity to explore extreme scenarios.

Jolie adds, "We went all out for it.. Every time like a husband or wife says to each other, 'I could just kill you,' we thought, 'What if they really could? What would it look like?'"

08/06/2005 03:10