Brad Pitt has been named Dad Of The Year in a new American Father's Day poll. As the movie hunk prepares to spend his first Father's Day surrounded by kids MADDOX, ZAHARA and baby SHILOH NOUVEL on Sunday (18JUN06), he can revel in the fact he beat out competition from Heath Ledger and Ryan Phillippe in the new Life + Style magazine poll. Life + Style editor in chief DEBRA BIRNBAUM decided Pitt was this year's (06) top dad, stating, "He even skipped the Cannes Film Festival in anticipation of Shiloh's birth." The full list of best fathers is: 1. BRAD PITT 2. HEATH LEDGER 3. RYAN PHILLIPPE 4. Ben Affleck 5. Will Smith 6. Matthew Broderick 7. Chris Martin 8. Guy Ritchie 9. David Arquette 10. Dean Cain.