Brad Pitt has teamed up with NIP/TUCK creator RYAN MURPHY to produce a new TV show about the life of a transsexual married sportswriter. The new series, titled 4 OZ, refers to the average weight of a man's penis. Murphy and Pitt will both be executive producers on the show, Pitt's first foray into television. Murphy has begun writing the pilot and hopes to being shooting on the series early next year (07). He says, "The first season deals with the revelation of his secret. In the second season, he begins dressing like a woman. "The third covers the surgery, and his inherent doubts about going through with it, and by the fourth season, he's living as a woman and attempting to find love." Murphy directed the film RUNNING WITH SCISSORS which made with Pitt's Plan B production company, and the firm is also producing DIRTY TRICKS, a drama Murphy wrote about eccentric Watergate scandal figure MARTHA MITCHELL, who will be played by MERYL STREEP.