Hollywood star Brad Pitt is miserable, and his relationship with ANGELINA JOLIE strained, since moving into a squalid 1970s tower block in Paris, neighbours claim. The SE7EN actor, who previously resided in a $25.5 million (GBP15 million) California mansion with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, is reportedly living in a deprived area of the French capital with Jolie and their two adopted children MADDOX and Zahara Marley. Paris cafe worker AHMED SHRIR, who claims to serve Pitt on a regular basis, tells British newspaper the Daily Mail, "Brad is a really nice guy, but he's not too happy about this area. He says Angelina wanted to live in an ordinary Paris district, and that his security people put them in the high-rise block. "Although Brad's great with the kids, he says there's nowhere for them to play properly, and they're both very worried about the pollution. There are hundreds of cars going by night and day, not to mention the trains. "Brad came over here to get away from it all. He finds Angelina very demanding and doesn't seem to be very happy with the way their lives are going." Pitt's neighbour MOHAMED DHABI, adds, "I've heard Brad grumbling as they go out in the morning with their children, and I know he'd like to live somewhere a lot nicer. "Americans come to Paris looking for romance and beauty - they won't get much of that living here. "The plumbing in this building is very bad and sometimes you get a sickly, cabbage-like smell filling the entire place."