Brad Pitt left new baby SHILOH NOUVEL and girlfriend Angelina Jolie behind in California Friday (14JUL06) to announce the finalists in a design contest he is sponsoring in New Orleans, Louisiana. In April (06) the Troy star came up with the idea to help rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina and teamed with environmental group Global Green USA to sponsor a design competition. The judges are seeking submissions for environmentally friendly buildings, with the ultimate winner to be named in August (06). Pitt said he was inspired to create the project after watching coverage of the disaster saying, "Just witnessing the devastation and feeling like very little was being done and you wanted to help out..." "It's a bit shocking, it's a bit disturbing. The people have not received the (relief) money yet and that's the fact. "It's a daunting job, but we'll start one building at a time."