Brad Pitt has defended his latest movie Ocean's 13 ahead of its premiere at the Cannes film festival tomorrow.

Cannes critics have previously shunned similar big-budget Hollywood films and there are fears that the third Ocean's outing could bomb at the exclusive festival.

Pitt however does not seem concerned, telling the Reuter's news agency ahead of the movie's debut that there is a place for "unadulterated entertainment" alongside "deep and thought-provoking" films  the kind usually favoured at Cannes.

It remains to be seen whether the film, which stars Pitt and fellow Hollywood actor George Clooney as the leaders of a group of con merchants, will be a hit with the critics.

But Pitt is perhaps right to not to worry about the follow up to the popular Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 12 films.

The Da Vinci Code blockbuster may have been poorly received at Cannes last year but it subsequently went on to be a big hit with movie goers and Ocean's 13 could do the same.

Meanwhile one person who doesn't have to worry about pleasing the critics is Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino, who has reportedly wowed journalists with his latest offering.

A Cannes screening of Death Proof, an extended version of Tarantino's film which formed part of the Grindhouse double bill in the US, was well received be reporters.

However the critical acclaim received by the movie, which stars Kurt Russell as a stunt man who stalks two women in his 'death proof' super car, comes after the international release of Grindhouse was scrapped due to a poor performance at the US box office.

Robert Rodriguez directed the other half of the double bill.

23/05/2007 08:05:09