Brad Pitt has blasted the media for using unflattering pictures of estranged wife Jennifer Aniston to illustrate how badly his relationship with Angelina Jolie has hit the former Friends star.

The 41-year-old actor has blasted the press for false reports the former FRIENDS actress has lost weight as a result of her former spouse's romance with his Mr And Mrs Smith co-star.

However, Jolie and the TROY star deny they are a couple.

He says, "They look for the worst photos they can find, even if they're ancient, and manufacture a terrible story about her supposed loss of weight or something like that, and it's completely untrue.

"It's the most wretched thing I've heard in my life. I've never seen such cruelty, even in a primary school.

"Jen is the sweetest, kindest woman that you could imagine. I really don't mind what they do to me, but to take advantage of someone who's the sweetest and most pleasant person in the world, and to do it day after day, seems to me despicable."

Pitt and Aniston separated in January (05) after four years of marriage.