Brad Pitt appeared on Indian TV yesterday (17NOV06) to reiterate girlfriend Angelina Jolie's comments about the arrest of three of the couple's bodyguards. Top security man MICKET BRETT and two colleagues were arrested by police in Mumbai on Thursday (16NOV06) for their part in a fight between parents and paparazzi outside an Islamic school. But it isn't the arrests that concern Pitt and Jolie the most - they're upset by reports one of their henchmen called an innocent parent a "bloody Indian" in the scuffle. Jolie released a statement early yesterday (17NOV06) insisting, "I would never work with anyone that was derogatory towards another man's race." And Pitt then appeared on an Indian TV news show to echo his partner's comments. He said, "We would never, ever hire these kind of people, we would not work with these kind of people. "We have an interracial family; it's very important to us that our kids grow up understanding their own respective cultures." As well as their own natural daughter, SHILOH, the couple are the adoptive parents of Cambodian MADDOX and Ethiopian ZAHARA.