LATEST: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's security team have been accused of bullying tactics in Namibia, this time by a human rights group in the country. The National Security of Human Rights claims the couple's security team and local police have infringed the rights of locals as they pursue reporters and photographers trying to get a glimpse of the pair ahead of the birth of their first child. A statement claims, "Both the three-member private security personnel of Pitt and Jolie and Namibia police members have conducted unwarranted door-to-door searches of the homes of local residents for paparazzi and other media workers. "We condemn the heavy-handed and brutal tactics selectively directed against local and certain foreign journalists. Three French photographers and one South African snapper were ordered to leave Namibia over the weekend (22-23APR06) after being caught trying to take pictures of Jolie.