Brad Pitt is filmmaker David Fincher's muse - because the pair is so easygoing, according to the actor's THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON co-star Taraji Henson.
The two stars have worked together on numerous films in their 15 year friendship, including 1995's Se7en and 1999's Fight Club.
The actress witnessed Pitt's close friendship with director Fincher during filming for the forthcoming drama - and she admits she and other castmembers, including Cate Blanchett, often felt a little left out because they have their own way of communication.
She tells USA Today newspaper, "(Pitt)'s David's muse, partly because he's so easygoing. He'll crack a joke, or they'll start ripping (insulting) on each other, and everything is relaxed again.
"Sometimes you have to interrupt them just to get them to speak English. They're like brothers - opposite in the way they act, but they understand each other the way families do."