Brad Pitt and wife Jennifer Aniston's marriage is reportedly in turmoil over the actor's desire to become a father.

The former FRIENDS star is so eager to develop her burgeoning film career, she has been delaying her entry into motherhood - much to her husband's dismay, reports British newspaper THE MAIL ON SUNDAY.

A source says, "Brad is 40 and desperate to have children. But Jennifer is not so keen.

"They had an agreement that they would try for a family once her Friends contract ended but she has been swamped with film offers and now she has three movie projects.

"She wants to start a family but she also knows she needs to make movies while her career is still hot."

Meanwhile, Pitt's continuing friendship with his Mr And Mrs Smith co-star Angelina Jolie has also put their four-year marriage under strain.

The source adds, "It is well known that Angelina has often had affairs with co-stars.

"Jennifer believed Brad when he said nothing had gone on but the stories and photographs did bother her."

05/12/2004 21:12