Hollywood golden couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are adopting a baby - according to the actor's younger brother DOUG.

The TROY star and his stunning wife wed in July 2000 and have made no secret of their desire to start a family since Aniston finished filming Friends earlier this year (04).

Aniston has said, "We are absolutely in the process of having a baby. It's where we're headed."

Doug, 37, told British weekly CLOSER, he is looking forward to becoming an uncle, saying, "I'm really pleased.

"We're delighted that Brad and Jen are adopting. It will be a great addition to the family."

The good-looking pair admitted they are house hunting in England for a place to bring up their child and have looked at homes in the ancient town of Rye in East Sussex.

Pitt explained, "I've always liked England. Jen also likes it and Europe, so we'll be looking for a place soon.

"Europe is a great place for kids to grow up."

25/08/2004 03:10