Brad Pitt's battle with the paparazzi continued on Friday night (09SEP05) when a photographer was arrested on the set of his new movie THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD in Fort Edmonton, Canada.

Snapper DAVID BUSTON was discovered by security staff hiding in a building on the western movie's set - which is closely guarded from the public.

But Buston insists he is not a paparazzo because he concentrates mainly on photographing sporting events and weddings.

The 55-year-old says, "I suppose it would be a good thing in the paparazzi (circles), but also the better guys who do it don't get caught. It's not necessarily a feather in my cap."

And he maintains he was treated fairly when police arrived to arrest him for mischief and interference: "The police were really quite nice guys and they seemed to understand that I was trying to make a living."

Production spokesperson LEE ANNE MULDOON says, "It is not unusual for us to have paparazzi when we are shooting on public streets. It is unusual to find them that close to our location, where we have locked things off to the public."