Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie were so keen to see Barack Obama win the recent U.S. presidential election they flew to his Chicago, Illinois base to watch the votes roll in.
Although both Pitt and Jolie - who spent most of this year (08) in Europe - refused to join other celebrities by publicly endorsing the Democrat candidate during the election campaign, they made sure they were on hand to celebrate on 4 November (08) when the result was announced.
The Hollywood couple even attended the Illinois Senator's victory rally in the city centre, but made sure they kept a low profile.
Pitt tells U.S. talkshow host Larry King, "I think overnight we redefined what America is about. I couldn't be any happier or more hopeful for America.
"We were in Chicago in Grand Park. It was an incredible experience - we ended up walking home that night, as all the main boulevards were closed. And just the jubilation in the street was something extraordinary to see."