Brad Pitt has heaped praise on his partner Angelina Jolie in a new magazine interview, likening her efforts to better the world to those of Bono and John Lennon. The movie star credits his Mr. + Mrs. Smith co-star for sparking his own social conscience - and feels the world needs more celebrities who put their fame to good use when it comes to facing the globe's problems. And Pitt admits he needed someone like Jolie to get him active. He tells Details magazine, "I carried the standard cynicism. But it was also feeling like, 'I can't sit on my couch anymore, I'm going crazy. This thing I'm doing with my life, it's very nice. But it's not doing it for me.' "I'm watching the news and I see what's going on the world, and I see, like, Bono, getting in there, rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty. And taking shots for it. "And I see an old documentary of John Lennon railing about something. At least they're in the ring. "It's something that brought Angie and I together... She's absolute evidence for me of someone facilitating changes for the better."