The Night of the Living Dead director fears zombie movies and TV shows are too common these days - and he's no longer interested in creating a new horror franchise featuring the undead.

"The dead are everywhere," Romero tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I think really Brad Pitt killed it. The Walking Dead and Brad Pitt just sort of killed it all. The remake of Dawn of the Dead made money. I think pretty big money. Then Zombieland made money, and then all of a sudden, along comes Brad Pitt and he spends $400 million or whatever the hell to do World War Z.

"(World War Z author) Max Brooks is a friend of mine, and I thought the film was not at all representative of what the book was and the zombies were... Ants crawling over the wall in Israel. Army ants!

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm content to wait until sort of zombies die off. My films, I've tried to put a message into them. It's not about the gore, it's not about the horror element that are in them. It's more about the message, for me."

The horror legend is preparing to debut a restoration of Night of the Living Dead, which became a cult hit upon its release in 1968, as part of the 14th To Save & Project festival, and he's very impressed with the new-look movie.

"It looks like exactly the way we shot it," George says. "It looks like the very first print that we ever saw of it. It's in correct format... All of these people who are working on it are such dedicated, wonderful, professionals."

But the restoration couldn't iron out the errors: "Fans that want to look for it, you can see there's a script in the corner of a screen. I'm not going to tell you where it is, but I know fans love to look for stuff like that."