A new exhibit of Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt is to go on show at London waxwork museum MADAME TUSSAUD'S - which will allow fans to squeeze his bum.

The new likeness of the OCEAN'S ELEVEN star features a squidgy backside, sure to provide his many female fans with a popular sensation.

Spokesperson FIONA HARVEY says, "Brad Pitt is one of our sexiest exhibits anyway, so he is an ideal candidate for the first ever squeezable waxwork.

"He is a huge hit with the ladies and, after Kylie Minogue's bottom got so much attention, we thought we'd have a bit of fun with this new figure."

When the original model of the Fight Club actor was revealed four years ago, staff had to continually remove lipstick marks and knickers stuffed into its pockets.

Harvey adds, "I think he is quite amused by the idea. We have been in touch with Brad's agent but he seems to be waiting to see how many squeezes he gets before he says anything."

The innovative rear is formed from a mix of silicon and foam to give it a pliable feel.